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Sexual Maturation

Sexual Maturation
Sexual maturity, the process of reproduction functions of the human body, reflecting the gradual development of secondary sexual characteristics and until puberty. In humans during puberty call transitional, or puberty, it lasts an average of about 5 years. Age of puberty are individual variations (for girls from 8 to 10 and 16 to 17 years for boys from 10 to 12 to 19 to 20 years). The appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in girls between 8 to 10 years for boys from 10 to 12 years called for early sexual maturation (it is usually on the constitutional factors). Sexual development, beginning with girls up to 8 years for boys and 10 years, considered it premature.
For girls in puberty can be suspended two phases : the first (prepubertatnuyu), which is characterized by rapid growth in body size, the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics, development of female genitalia, and the second, beginning with the first menstruation (menarche). The second phase is the completion of the development of secondary sexual characteristics, slowing growth, a shortage of menstrual periods, ending sexual somatic development. Your body is ready for the future mothers.
Boys puberty begins at an average of 2 years later than girls. During this period, there is a change of voice distorters (mutation), there exists ovolosenie to begin a skeleton of the male type. After about 2 - 3 years of the first appearance of secondary sexual characters are boys pollution. Under the influence of an active endocrine glands increases in a gipotalamo- hypophyseal system (see Hypothalamus, Gipofiz) gonadotropnyh hormones that stimulate sexual function iron increases Secretion sex hormones (estrogen and androgenov), increasing somatotropnogo hormone products, as well as tireotropnogo hormone that stimulates thyroid function. TB of sexual hormones, somatotropnogo hormone and thyroid hormones has accelerated physical development and the development of sexual characteristics. During puberty a sexual instinct, awakening sexual desire (libido), an emerging sexual awareness.
Delayed puberty feel the absence of secondary sexual characteristics for girls over the age of 13 and boys under 14 years old. This is the most important constitutional factors somatic diseases, negative psychological climate in the family (see microclimate family), poor living conditions, malnutrition. Delayed puberty may come as a consequence of the defeat gipotalamo- hypophyseal system or gonad (sexual glands). When deviations from the average early puberty and violations of phasing (see Gipogonadizm) need to consult the doctor endocrinologist.


Congress (Lat. - coitus forbids; Synonyms - copulate, sexual intercourse, sexual act forbids), and genital contact two individuals for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, as well as to continue the race. Represents only the final stage of the period, the continuation of which is the dominant sex. Distinguished dictionary : heterosexual (see Heterosexuality) between the sexes and the gay (see Homosexuality) between the same sex; Interrupted, in which men, feeling approaching Lord, a member of the sexual exploits of a woman from the vagina to prevent pregnancy; Prolonged - zatyagivaemy arbitrarily; time, in which no ejaculation and orgasm.
Sex in humans is a very complex process, which consists of a series of psychological and physiological unconditional conditional reflexes, in certain phases kopulyativnogo cycle. And each subsequent phase may be connected, and only after reaching a height of the previous development. In other words, no phase may not occur and continue without reliance on the physiological basis earlier. A healthy men without sexual desire (libido without) is not targeted penis, penis impossible without friction, but no findings without orgasm. In each phase, in a follow-up not only continues to accompany her, but actively supported. A continuous increase vozbuditelnogo process, captivating all physiological system. All functions of the body mobilized to perform sexual function and increased sexual dominant : summatsiya irritation occurs, scent, auditory, visual, tactile and Neurohumoral. The ultimate culmination of a sense of a man and a woman orgasm, and then is the state of detente emotional strain.
Sexual intercourse ending orgasticheskoy detente is increased blood pressure, accelerated heart rhythm and the rapidly changing and expanding vascular narrowing, increased respiration, reducing pelvic muscles, rectum and lower limbs, plenty of office then; Consequently, the sexual act leaves behind a pleasant feeling of fatigue , and muscle relaxation. During the dictionary increased blood pressure and pulse in the phase orgasm sometimes reaches 120-180 strokes, respiratory frequency to 40 times a minute, which is achieved rates observed in the most intense sporting events. Breathing is discontinuous and superficial, smenyayas orgasm at the end of several deep breaths. Because of rising tide of blood temperature genitals as a man or a woman.
The man in the dictionary all physiological reactions are faster and expire greater than that of women, whose lead times and more, and a sense of sexual gratification comes later and at a somewhat slower rate than men. Most marriages in a long-term sexual life is gradually adjusting the spouses to each other. They are developing their own skills, to come together to orgasm. Set harmonious sexual relationship of spouses (see Harmony sexual). The average length of sexual intercourse among young healthy people normally varies from 2 to 5 minutes to 10 minutes in the first approximation sex. Repeating sexual intercourse may be prolonged, prolonged. Generally you can take any length of normal sexual intercourse, allowing a relaxation of both partners.
The most suitable for sexual intercourse may be evening before bedtime, so much so that the sexual act itself for some people is a kind of sleeping pill. But many couples practice intimate proximity in the morning, or another suitable time for them. Best is a regular sex life of the individual abilities. When violations during sexual intercourse (see sexual disorders) to be a clinical sexopathologist (see Seksopatologiya).